Anonymous said: I wouldn't call that guy "creepy" for being socially awkward, he might just have Asperger's or something.

Maybe. But he is still creepy regardless of what he has.



…i’m listening.

naughtyconservative for your anon



…i’m listening.

naughtyconservative for your anon

I’m a “degenerative bitch” because I don’t like talking to creepy guys? Anon must have gotten dropped on his head when he was a baby.

Anonymous said: I don't call women bitches; I call degenerative women bitches, and you seem to fit that mold. You think anyone who calls you out on your BS is in love with you & just mad because you're not interested. Get the fuck over yourself. You're average looking at at best with a shitty personality & inflated ego. I don't want you bitch, and what makes you think I'm attracted to women anyway?

Your parents must be so proud of you.

Anonymous said: Someone of the opposite sex is talking to you? Act rude, because he MUST be hitting on you. You're one of those stuck-up bitches that think they're so hot, when in reality they're usually one of the least appealing people in the room.

Woah. That’s some serious Elliot Rodger shit right there.

And just who do you think you are making such grand assumptions and cussing at me without knowing ANYTHING about the situation? It really shows how incredibly simple-minded and unintelligent you are by you coming in here with some preconceived notion of me and how I act, how the situation happened, and how “appealing” I am in person. Let me tell you something (if your pea-sized brain can handle it…)

This socially-awkward guy at my previous school waved at me every day when I passed him, except I didn’t know him at all. I didn’t wave back. I’m not interested at waving at guys I have no interest in. Yet he kept waving. When I was in the library with my friends, I saw him on the upper level looking at me. This went on for months. 

Then fast forward to last week- I’m sitting alone in the library when he comes up to me (transferred to the college I currently go to- just a coincidence, not anything weird- but still, just my luck) and sits at my table. I’m trying to study for a marketing test and it’s pretty obvious I don’t want to talk. I’m studying and I just have no interest talking to someone like him. REPEAT- I AM NOT INTERESTED. WHAT THAT MEANS- I DON’T HAVE TO TALK TO HIM. I DON’T NEED AN EXPLICIT REASON. He keeps asking me questions, completely ignoring the obvious signs that I don’t want to answer. He just keeps going and going while my head is in my book. 

Fast forward to yesterday- I see him in the hallway, he waves. I see him in the quad during an event- he waves. I finally stop to get some coffee in the afternoon, and he’s in the line with me and starts talking to me again. I am seriously not in the mood to talk to such a creepy guy, so I try my hardest to be civil but show that I’m not interested. But it doesn’t work and he keeps talking to me anyways. 

But because you made some pretty big assumptions about me, how about I do it to you?

- You’re probably an unattractive guy with low self-esteem. You’ve been rejected by girls too often, so you feel the need to express your bitterness anonymously towards females who don’t embrace all creeps and who actually have preferences of people they speak to. You blame Jennifer Lawrence for her nudes being leaked because she took them. You call girls “bitches” like it’s a normal thing. You’re an “alpha” male who thinks women owe you their time and are required to have a conversation with you, no matter how you’re acting. And maybe, you’ve sent me a compliment on here that I didn’t respond to, so you’re butthurt. I’m thinking it’s one of these. 

I don’t have to talk to guys who make me uncomfortable. 

I don’t have to talk to guys who are socially awkward.

I don’t have to talk to anyone if I don’t feel like it.

It’s not my problem if they are offended. 

I don’t owe anyone anything. 

Finally, here’s some advice- go fuck yourself. 

Anonymous said: where's chloe?

The monster is in her cage for the night


*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

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Nation’s Huggers Announce Plans For You To Get Over Here





Maury camera angles


6 condoms tho


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